Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Why an Abbott election victory would be good - part 2

On 5 September 2013, I posted this blog post linking to this 'The Vine' post. I can't help thinking that it was somewhat prophetic.

I have been making snarky comments to my friends that the best thing that could have happened at the Libs party meeting this Monday was for Abbott to survive. When he did, I joked that Bill 'short-stuff' Shorten would be cheering.

Because Abbott can't win another election.

The Coalition may be able to scrape another narrow election victory in a few years, but there is just no way that Abbott can remain as leader in the long-run. Moreover, the chances are good that if a competent ALP candidate runs in his seat, we will see another John Howard-style Coalition defeat, with Abbott losing his seat as his party tumbles from power.

And what then?

I certainly wouldn't say that Labor has an easy job at this next election. I don't think the Coalition can win, but I am certain that the ALP can lose. The biggest problem is not the factional in-fighting which has characterised the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era, but the lack of a settled direction.

Bill Shorten certainly isn't helping. His media presence is sadly lacking, to the extent that I didn't really know what he looks like until I googled him this morning.

For your information, this is him. 

Firefly: The good guys are the bad guys

This is, of course, a re-post, which my first post in over 16 months should be.

I love the series 'Firefly' and the follow-up movie 'Serenity', but I find myself agreeing with Misterkristoff in this well-thought-out analysis.

What do you think?